Partners Apply


Terms & Conditions

1. Your VTC Should have 20+ Members
2. Support should be given to each other.
3. We should always have clear contact with You.
4. The validity of the partnership will last after 6 months, it should be renewed after 6 months if both of us wish to continue the partnership.
5. Every VTC has its goal and we respect it, we want you to help us in building a community in the best way both parties can.
6. Any problem between the parties must be resolved by the management no third party must be involved.
7. Respect the other partners, and try to rebound yourselves.
8. During our tenure as partners, you at least try to do a friendly convoy twice during their partnership period.
9. During the partnership, both parties must try to attend to each other's convoy as partners.
10. Everything must happen between both management, no third party will be involved
11. Founder/CEO, Manager/COO, and Event Manager should join our Discord server and can get the role by asking for a role in DM by any Staff.
12. If your VTC booked a slot for our public convoy and you don't attend it 3 times continuously... Your partnership will be cancelled.

Currently, the application form for Partnership has been closed for some time. You can come back later.

Thank you for visiting us. Much love from ITVTC ❤️❤️❤️.Regards INDIAN TRUCKERS