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You can register on this page. To register successfully, an authentication is required via Steam,
where you must own Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.
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ITVTC is an INDIAN based International VTC established on 21st June 2020. We are experienced in the virtual trucking atmosphere. You can join us to have fun on the roads. We have our own Custom DriversHub to log all the Jobs completed by our members. We have a trustworthy staff team and we also do public and Private convoys across the map. Our main priority is to Enjoy the game. Anyone is free to join our VTC as long as they meet our requirements. We are an active community dedicated to EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 along with AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR.

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Features that you gonna Love


Our community is friendly and is away from the toxicity.

our own tracker

We have our own tracker to get informed and all jobs are logged in the tracker.


We held regular convoys on weekly basis.


We wont reject you, We will train you.


Truckfest Awards
June 2020


We have launched our own Indian Truckers Drivers Hub. What is a Drivers Hub?!! It is virtual system for all the INDIAN TRUCKERS, who are using Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. In Drivers Hub you can find your logbook which shows how many jobs you have done, how much earned from these jobs, how much fuel consumed during the jobs etc. It's all about your job’s info. You can register on our website to get all the information regarding your jobs and get ranks within our vtc. Once you are registered you can do jobs for yourself as well as for the VTC. For this function you must download our Drivers Hub from Indian Truckers official site and MUST RUN IT IN THE BACKGROUND WHILE DOING JOBS (It runs automatically in the background but on some conditions it does not work automatically).On the basis of your jobs stats, you will be given ranks as well as badges (Badges can be found only in our android app).



We are not a Virtual Trucking Company, instead we are a community. We have friendly members who will guide you as well as learn from you.


We aim to keep our members engaged and entertained by hosting online meetups daily. Keeping our trucks rolling around the clock.

We host Private/Public Convoy every 2-3 Weeks i.e., We try to host at least 2 convoys every month. We even have small convoys running every single day.



We strive to only accept and have friendly people in our community to make it the best experience for everyone possible! We feel like we have achieved this so far and that we will continue too.


Our staff team are experienced members of the community. Each specialising in a different area of the VTC. They are always eager to help.



Our drivers have exclusive access to a wide selection of special ranks that can be earned after looking at your behavior and activeness.


We Host Exclusive giveaways from paid game keys to discord nitro.



Don’t Take Our Word For It
  • I was playing ets2 single player from a long time then i met some friends who introduced me to ITVTC. After joinig VTC ETS2 became more fun with lots of friends from realistic driving to fun in marathon races and started attending tons of convoys. ITVTC Staff is very helpful and they play with us daily till late nights. I am very happy that I found this VTC.

    Lelouch [ITVTC]
  • I was looking for some serious Indian VTC's and tried some but couldn't find one. Then I came to know there's a new Indian VTC formed named INDIAN TRUCKERS VTC and checked it out. So I was bit skeptic to join it or not initially, but it amazed me how ITVTC came along in 6 months with frequently private and public convoys and partnering with other VTC's and making a name internationally. I would like congratulate Each and every staff member for making it success and more to go on.

    Kakeshi [ITVTC]
  • ITVTC- It's in my BLOOD now.. Firsr and Last vtc I ever visited through my life span.. I proudly say to all that I'm the first recruited driver of them..and I proudly carry that burden over my shoulder..the CEO and whole team are very friendly with all of us ..we help each other,we drive together..we build memories together ..long way to go..keep up the good work ITVTC..WE WILL HOLD THE POSITION OF THE NO.1 VTC OF INDIA..FOREVER

    Soumen [ITVTC]

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